BAAM Buenos Aires Art Museum. Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA


program Modern Art Museum 功能   博物馆,行政中心,咖啡,商店
location Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA 地点   布宜诺斯艾利斯, 阿根廷
developer BA City council 开发商   布宜诺斯艾利斯市议会
architect aotu architecture office ltd. 建筑设计   aotu建筑设计
surface 8500 ㎡ 面积   8500 ㎡
budget - 预算   -
schedule international competition 2012 july 时间   2012年07月







The notion of art has undergone several radical changes and transformations over the last centuries. Today contemporary art is experiencing another profound rethinking on its very nature. We can witness this evolution through the renewal of the different forms of art, the way it is exhibited, the message it tries to convey, and the public to whom it is addressed. Contemporary art is no longer limited by constraints or boundaries so how and why try to contain it? It is essential to question the necessity and function of a traditional art container to answer the question of what should be and Art museum.